How does Ceiling Insulation reduce energy consumption?

With proper ceiling Insulation you can reduce up to 45% on energy consumption used for heating and cooling your household. With winter getting closer and closer and energy prices rising higher than ever it has never been more important to ensure your ceiling space is properly Insulated and energy efficient.

Here at Outback Insulation, we recommend Installing our high R/Value Glasswool and Polyester Insulation batts to your property to minimise energy consumption as much as possible.

If your family home already has Insulation from when the house was built or from many years ago Outback Insulation have removal and replacement services available to ensure you can have an effective Insulation product in your ceiling cavity.

Here at Outback Insulation, we only install quality, reliable and durable Insulation products built to last. By choosing Outback Insulation you will be able to enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers without the hefty power bills.