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Our professional technicians are the top choice for South East Queensland homeowners seeking honest advice, quality products, neat install and unrivalled service.

We precisely measure and fit your home with the best insulating product to suit each individual property and customer wants/needs.

Also, if you are looking at upgrading your ceiling insulation, we can discard of your old insulation in the safest and most effective way in addition to replacing it with our high-quality products.

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Ceiling Insulation Types

When installing insulation batts, we recommend our brand new Australian manufactured Glass Wool or Polyester Insulation Batts.

The experienced team here at Outback Insulation will recommend the correct R-rating for your needs. Our goal is to help you maximise your energy efficiency and minimise your power bills and allow for more comfortable living conditions within the home.

Feel free to visit our Narangba head office (8 Richards Rd, Narangba) weekdays 9:00am – 4:30pm to further explore our Insulation store and showroom.

Glass Wool Insulation Batts

Our ecofriendly, bio-soluble Glass Wool Insulation Batts are made from up to 80% Recycled fiberglass and are considered a sustainable, lightweight and a safe product to use within Australian homes. They are also a great choice for those looking to make their property as energy efficient and eco-friendly as possible!

Here at Outback Insulation, we proudly use and install the RHINO Range of Insulation (Rhino Batts).

Rhino Batts are also proudly Australian Made and are considered safe for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Manufactured in Australia, our Rhino Glasswool Insulation range is made from lightweight, flexible, and resilient Glasswool, specially designed for the thermal insulation performance of domestic and commercial buildings. Designed to make homes feel cooler in summer, warmer in winter and to provide heating and cooling cost savings all year round.

Thanks to advances in formulation, our Glasswool range is one of the best choices on the Australian market when it comes to Ceiling Insulation Batts.


Polyester Insulation Batts

Polyester Ceiling Batts are a safe, non-toxic, allergy friendly, light weight material that has high tensile strength, robustness & is unaffected by moisture. 80% of the fibers that go into Polyester Ceiling Batts are recycled from plastic bags & other packaging materials, so they are safer for the planet too.

Polyester Insulation batts are also a brilliant choice for those looking to make their property as energy efficient and eco-friendly as possible!

Polyester Insulation Batts are also proudly Australian Made and are considered safe for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Thanks to advances in formulation, our Polyester range of Insulation are one of the best choices on the Australian market when it comes to Ceiling Insulation Batts.

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We communicate with you every step of the way!

Once booked we will ensure to touch base with you prior to the booking date. Then once the services have been completed, we will again touch base to ensure you are happy with the service and products provided.

Potential Insulation Pitfalls

Choosing the right insulation can be a daunting process, which is why Outback Insulation is committed to providing upfront, honest advice and free technical support to ensure you are getting the most suited product for your home or property.

Below are four of the most common pitfalls made by home owners when choosing an insulation for their property:

  • Wrong insulation type installed to the area being insulated.
  • Wrong advice based on R ratings and what you need for your individual home.
  • Fitted incorrectly and not to Australian standards.
  • Not choosing an Australian made product.


Outback Insulation ensure each and every customers property is installed with the correct insulation type and R-value recommended for South East Queensland conditions.

Outback Insulation ensure all homes insulated are installed to not only Australian standards but our own high level of install quality.

Outback Insulation ensure that only Australian Manufactured and safe products are installed to our clients properties.

Things to Consider Before Installing Insulation

Every existing roof cavity and ceiling space is different in one way or another. That’s why Outback Insulation recommends booking an onsite quote to inspect the roof space and to discuss the most cost effective and best thermal and acoustic options for each of our customers.

If your house is under construction or being renovated, our sales department representatives and technicians will ensure that only the highest quality Insulation is fitted to your property.

If your existing house is requiring an insulation update or does not currently have insulation our dedicated domestic quoting consultants will ensure that the correct, high quality insulation is fitted to your property.

For those who’ve already got insulation, we’ll help you upgrade to a more effective product. Plus, we offer a remove, renew and replace service to rid your roof of dangerous irritants and install new high-quality insulation batts.


R-values are the measuring tool used to measure the level of thermal resistance and effectiveness of the Insulation.The higher the R-Value the more effective the insulation is.

Outback Insulation Pty Ltd’s Ceiling Insulation Batts are available in R-Values from R2.5 – R4.1 in our Popular Glasswool Ceiling Insulation Range and R2.0 – R3.5 in our Polyester Ceiling Insulation Range.




The cost of insulation can vary quite significantly from job to job. Many factors account into the pricing of having insulation installed. Our free on-site quotes allow for a precise measurement and a quote based on your property and roof space.

Ceiling Insulation install can be generally completed within one day.

Here at Outback Insulation we pride ourselves on taking the time to ensure each job is installed to utmost quality and neatness. When guesstimating the time taken to install a job many factors come into account, we recommend asking our friendly staff come time of booking how long they anticipate the job to roughly take.

Here at Outback Insulation we are dedicated to ONLY using the highest quality products.

We believe both our Glass Wool and Polyester Insulation products to be brilliant options for thermally insulating any property. Feel free to call us today on 3888 9919 to chat with one of our friendly staff about what Insulation product will be best suited to your family home.

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Without a properly insulated ceiling cavity you can loose up to 30% of the heat from your home through the ceilings during winter likewise the same amount of heat can enter in through the ceilings during summer from the sun beaming onto your roof. In having your ceiling areas insulated you slow down the process of heat entering and/or leaving your home.

By installing Outback Insulation’s high quality ceiling insulation range to your property you will not only notice a huge difference in temperature, but you will also save $$ on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Yes. You can purchase all your insulation supplies from Outback Insulation without installation. Find out more here.

Feel free to visit our Narangba store/head office to touch and feel samples of our products and to further chat with our friendly staff regarding insulation to you home.

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Unbeatable service

We pride ourselves on our professional customer service and reliability, and offer free technical and problem-solving advice


Our technicians have been actively engaged in the supply and installation of home insulation, and ceiling vacuuming for now more than 10 years.

Best equipment

We use a state-of-the art ceiling insulation and toxic dust extraction unit to ensure any old materials or debris are removed safely and efficiently when removing old insulation or vacuuming your ceiling.

Fully Qualified and Insured Operators

Every installation technician on our staff has been fully trained in how to correctly install insulation to not only Australian Standard but our managements high standards too! We are also fully insured!

Extraordinary workmanship

We are perfectionists and work to an incredibly high standard every time. We also have stringent quality control measures in place ensuring that every job is our best.

No Contractors

We don’t engage sub-contractors to complete our jobs, this ensures we can maintain the very highest standards in workmanship.  This allows for every job to be followed through by our management from start to finish.

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