The entire team at Outback Insulation Pty Ltd take great pride in providing unrivaled customer service along with high quality insulation products.

Due to the nature of our products along with not being able to ensure correct after purchase product handling and storage, Outback Insulation Pty Ltd  do not accept refunds or exchanges for returned stock. This includes change of heart, over ordering and customers that have ordered a product they no longer require. It is always recommended to check your required products and stock quantity is correct prior to purchasing.

We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective. If you receive a defective item, please contact us by calling (07) 3888 9919 with details of the product, order # and the defect.


What if my order was damaged during transport ??

Outback Insulation Pty Ltd are not responsible for damages caused during delivery by a transport contractor/company. If your product was damaged during delivery please contact us on (07) 3888 9919 to arrange an investigation into the matter. Once we have been made aware of damages our team will request you send pictures of damaged product and a written email stating the damages that have taken place to our sales manager (email address will be provided by sales representative). From there our sales manager will deal directly with you and the transport contractor at fault ensuring all claims are lodged. Generally product is replaced asap.

What if my order is wet or has been damaged by recent weather ?? 

Outback Insulation Pty Ltd transport contractors always take utmost care and consideration when delivering product. When being delivered product can not always be placed undercover. Outback Insulation Pty Ltd are not responsible for weather damages to product after delivery has been made. We always recommend customer be onsite at the time of delivery.

If you wish to discuss our returns policy further please feel free to call us on (07) 3888 9919 today or by email

*This returns policy is only subject to customers that have only purchased product from Outback Insulation through purchasing the product in-store or by arranging delivery. Our returns policy is not relevant to supply & install customers*

Returns Policy last updated   4:13PM  08/09/2020