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Looking to have your ceiling area vacuumed? Outback Insulation can help! An unmaintained roof cavity can become a collection point for debris and harmful toxins.

While it might be out of sight, this could impact the health of your home and those who live there.

Outback Insulation use a HEPA rated ceiling vacuum unit for your safety and peace of mind.

So, if your allergies are acting up, rid your roof cavity of dangerous irritants with a professional ceiling vacuum from Outback Insulation today!

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What is ceiling vacuum?

A ceiling vacuum is a thorough clean of a roof cavity to remove dust, toxins, debris and also can remove old pump in insulation from your roof space.

The team at Outback Insulation use a HEPA-rated ceiling vacuum unit to perform a state-of-the-art Vac N Sac extraction method to leave your roof in tip-top shape and cleaned properly.

OUR HEPA-rated ceiling vacuum

At Outback Insulation we only want the best results for our customers! That’s why we clean your roof cavity with our HEPA-rated, trailer-mounted vacuuming unit.

Our high-performing Vac N Sack system will remove and trap those allergy-inducing airborne particles which aren’t visible to the naked eye from your ceiling cavity.

It can extract:

  • Dust, debris and animal faeces
  • Pump in Insulation
  • Harmful Toxins


We communicate with you every step of the way!

Once booked we will ensure to touch base with you prior to the booking date. Then once the services have been completed, we will again touch base to ensure you are happy with the service and products provided.

Benefits of Ceiling Vacuum

1. Rid your roof of irritants with ceiling vacuum cleaning

The dangerous irritants in your roof space could contribute to a range of allergies and breathing problems. –  Having your ceiling cavity vacuumed can remove more than 95% of dust and harmful toxins.

Those could include:

  • Loose debris which increases the possibility of rodent breeding and impacts fire risk
  • Droppings from mice, rats and cockroaches
  • Dead animals which may be decaying in the space, e.g. snakes, lizards and possums
  • Bacteria
  • Lead paint toxins
  • Toxic dust which can carry lead entering the home.

2. Removing Pump in Insulation from your ceiling cavity

When removing pump in insulation we use our Vac N Sack system to remove ALL of your soiled ceiling or crawlspace insulation – plus any dust, debris and animal faeces within the roof space.

And most importantly, our technicians ensure NONE of it travels into your home’s living area.

Our HEPA-rated commercial insulation removal equipment is second to none, because of its 4-stage filtration system which is backed by the world’s largest filtration company, Donaldson Torit.


Call the professionals at Outback insulation today and we can remove old insulation for your safely and effectively.

The harmful irritants in your roof cavity could be seeping out into the living space below through small gaps in cornices, light fixings, manhole covers and ceiling vents.


Unbeatable service

We pride ourselves on our professional customer service and reliability, and offer free technical and problem-solving advice


Our technicians have been actively engaged in the supply and installation of home insulation, and ceiling vacuuming for now more than 10 years.

Best equipment

We use a state-of-the art ceiling insulation and toxic dust extraction unit to ensure any old materials or debris are removed safely and efficiently when removing old insulation or vacuuming your ceiling.

Fully Qualified and Insured Operators

Every installation technician on our staff has been fully trained in how to correctly install insulation to not only Australian Standard but our managements high standards too! We are also fully insured!

Extraordinary workmanship

We are perfectionists and work to an incredibly high standard every time. We also have stringent quality control measures in place ensuring that every job is our best.

No Contractors

We don’t engage sub-contractors to complete our jobs, this ensures we can maintain the very highest standards in workmanship.  This allows for every job to be followed through by our management from start to finish.

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Need your roof cavity professionally vacuum cleaned?

Are your allergies acting up? If you answered yes – it’s probably time to book a ceiling vacuum with Outback Insulation! Give us a call now and let us rid your roof cavity of dust and harmful toxins.