Insulation Supply and Install

R-values are the measuring tool used to measure the level of thermal resistance and effectiveness of the Insulation.The higher the R-Value the more effective the insulation is.

Outback Insulation Pty Ltd’s Ceiling Insulation Batts are available in R-Values from R2.5 – R4.1 in our Popular Glasswool Ceiling Insulation Range and R2.0 – R3.5 in our Polyester Ceiling Insulation Range.




The cost of insulation can vary quite significantly from job to job. Many factors account into the pricing of having insulation installed, some of which include; Roof Pitch, Accessibility, total m2, product being installed, etc.

Our free on-site quotes allow for a precise measurement and a quote based on your property and roof space.

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Ceiling Insulation install can be generally completed within one day.

Here at Outback Insulation we pride ourselves on taking the time to ensure each job is installed to utmost quality and neatness. When guesstimating the time taken to install a job many factors come into account, we recommend asking our friendly staff come time of booking how long they anticipate the job to roughly take.

Here at Outback Insulation we are dedicated to ONLY using the highest quality products.

We believe both our Glass Wool and Polyester Insulation products to be brilliant options for thermally insulating any property. Both options are similar in eco effectiveness and certainly will achieve the same thermal effectiveness when comparing an R3.0 Polyester to a R3.0 Glasswool.

Feel free to call us today on 3888 9919 to chat with one of our friendly staff about what Insulation product will be best suited to your family home.

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Without a properly insulated ceiling cavity you can loose up to 30% of the heat from your home through the ceilings during winter likewise the same amount of heat can enter in through the ceilings during summer from the sun beaming onto your roof. In having your ceiling areas insulated you slow down the process of heat entering and/or leaving your home.

By installing Outback Insulation’s high quality ceiling insulation range to your property you will not only notice a huge difference in temperature, but you will also save $$ on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.


The sales department here at Outback Insulation would love the opportunity to quote and work alongside any building or construction company.

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Feel free to visit our Narangba store/head office to touch and feel samples of our products and to further chat with our friendly staff regarding insulation to you home.

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Yes. You can purchase all your insulation products from Outback Insulation without installation.

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Outback Insulation Pty Ltd service Public + Trade customers from  all Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Regions.

If you are unsure if we service your region please feel free to contact us weekdays on (07) 3888 9919 to discuss.

Insulation Removal

This is dependent on the size of the space and what insulation is being removed. Feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members today regarding how long we estimate your insulation removal would take.

The insulation removal cost also depends on a range of factors. We can provide an accurate no-obligation free quote once we’ve inspected and measured your roof cavity or crawl space.

The removal process is challenging and time-consuming. Plus, it is not safe to drag dirty insulation from your roof cavity through the living space of your home. Doing so will spread dust particles and all the other contaminants that were in your roof into your family home.

Outback Insulation remove multiple different types of insulation; including: Pump In Insulation, Foil Insulation, Insulation Batts, Etc.

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Insulation Removal can prove to be a difficult task hence why we always recommend leaving it to the professionals (Us) to remove and dispose of any insulation in the most effective and safe manner possible.

The most professional way to receive a quote for any of our services is to arrange a free onsite quote. this allows for the quote to be tailored specific to your property.


Feel free to call us weekdays to arrange a free quote on (07) 3888 9919

Outback Insulation ONLY install the highest quality products.

View our High Quality, Eco Friendly, Australian Manufactured and Energy Efficient ceiling insulation batt range online here

Ceiling Vacuum

Call the professionals at Outback insulation today and we can remove old insulation from your roof cavity safely and effectively.

The harmful irritants in your roof cavity could be seeping out into the living space below through small gaps in cornices, light fixings, manhole covers and ceiling vents.

We certainly can!

Our state of the art ceiling vacuuming machine is perfect for removing dust, leaves, animal feces, etc.


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Insulation Delivery / Pickup Instore

Here at Outback Insulation we use and work closely with multiple transport and courier companies to ensure that we can provide our customers with the fastest purchase to delivery time possible.

In some cases next business day delivery can be arranged.

It is always recommended to ask your representative a rough ETA at time of placing order.


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Call our friendly staff on (07) 3888 9919 to arrange a quote and/or to place an order.

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Outback Insulation generally delivers to all Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Gold Coast regions.

If you are outside of these regions please feel free to call our logistics team on (07) 3888 9919 for assistance. In some cases freight can be arranged.

Outback Insulation do not give out flat rates for delivery as pricing depends on multiple variants including distance and amount of stock being ordered.

Outback Insulation use a variety of Courier and Transport companies along with our own vehicles to deliver product to all our valued customers.

The entire team here at Outback Insulation pride themselves on providing the fastest order to delivery period possible.

Feel free to call us today on 3888 9919 to enquire about what our estimated delivery price would be to your project / property.

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Outback Insulation Pty Ltd reserves the right to change application recommendations without prior notification. This statement should therefore be used for guidance purposes only and it is recommended you confirm application requirements prior to purchasing.

Yes!   Outback Insulation’s store/warehouse is open MON-FRI 9:00am to 4:30pm.

We recommend calling/having product placed on hold prior to coming down to ensure we have your desired product in stock.

We certainly do!

The sales department here at Outback Insulation service Building and Construction companies Australia Wide for the supply of their own Custom Logo Printed Building / Wall Wrap

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Outback Insulation recommend our Foil Board Insulation Range for use on Garage Doors.

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Please note: This advice is not for roller doors. 

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