Insulation Supply and Install

Yes. You can purchase all your insulation supplies from Outback Insulation without installation. Shop the range here.

The cost of insulation can vary quite significantly from job to job. Many factors account into the pricing of having insulation installed. Our free on-site quotes allow for a precise measurement and a quote based on your property and roof space.

Insulation Removal

This is dependent on the size of the space and what insulation is being removed. Feel free to ask one of our friendly staff members today regarding how long we estimate your insulation removal would take.

The insulation removal cost also depends on a range of factors. We can provide an accurate no-obligation free quote once we’ve inspected and measured your roof cavity or crawl space.

The removal process is challenging and time-consuming. Plus, it is not safe to drag dirty insulation from your roof cavity through the living space of your home. Doing so will spread dust particles and all the other contaminants that were in your roof into your family home.

Ceiling Vacuum

Call the professionals at Outback insulation today and we can remove old insulation for your safely and effectively.

The harmful irritants in your roof cavity could be seeping out into the living space below through small gaps in cornices, light fixings, manhole covers and ceiling vents.