32kg/m3 (100mm) Polyester Acoustic Insulation Batts

Thickness: 100mm
Width: 430mm or 580mm

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Higgins is a Trusted and respected insulation brand manufactured in Brisbane.
The polyester used in Higgins insulation products has non-allergenic properties and is safe for asthma sufferers. Polyester is the only fibrous insulation approved by Asthma Foundations Australia for unrestricted use in low allergen or asthma friendly buildings
Higgins Insulation is manufactured in Brisbane. A Trusted and respected Brand
 Up to 85% Recycled polyester fibre
 No Harmful VOCs ( volatile organic compounds )
 Does not contain Formaldehyde
 Does not contain Phenol
 Does not contain Ammonia
 Zero ODP ( ozone depleting potential )
 Zero Chlorides ( non corrosive )
 Durability ( will not subside or crumble overtime)
 100% recyclable product
 Reusable
 Non irritant
 No Protective equipment required when installing
 No need to restrict access to other trades during installation
 Proven performance both Thermal and Acoustic
 Material R values to supply year round performance


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