In Brisbane, Queensland we recommend that all existing homes have R 3.5 – R 4.1 value Insulation batt retrofitted to the ceiling spaces throughout the property. We have found that these R-Values work well at reducing heat transfer during our warmer months + aids to retain warmth during cooler months. 

Good ceiling insulation provides a thermal barrier to prevent the transfer of heat. Without Ceiling Insulation households will be spending more money maintaining comfortable temperatures through running air conditioners and heaters during both summer and winter months.  The higher the R-Value the greater the thermal efficiency.


Why do we not recommend higher R-Values for Brisbane ?

When it comes to choosing the correct Insulation R-Value for your home it is possible to go “overboard”; By choosing an R-Value not suited to the Brisbane climate you can intern trap heat inside your home during summer months. 

Insulation Batts with a higher R-Value than the recommended above are suited more to colder climates as they target trapping warmth within the household. Therefor in our warmer climate zone these higher R-Values will intern trap head within the household rather than keeping it out.


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